Absolute Software Corporation, a provider of firmware-embedded endpoint security and management solutions, has announced the general availability of Absolute Manage 6.0. Absolute Manage offers the only single, unified console that natively enables IT administrators to efficiently manage all of their Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices by automating time-consuming IT processes, such as software distribution, patch management, and asset inventory.

Additionally, Absolute Manage allows organizations to track installed applications and licenses, redeploy under-used licenses and hardware to maximize inventory utilization and avoid non-compliance fines, and implement power management policies to reduce energy consumption. For Android and iOS devices, customers can manage apps, collect asset inventory and security data, perform configuration management tasks, and rapidly respond to security incidents.

The release of Absolute Manage 6.0, which uniquely embeds mobile device management capabilities into the robustness of a systems lifecycle management solution, includes:

AbsoluteSafe. IT administrators can securely distribute sensitive or confidential files to iOS devices including security options to block the file from being copied or emailed, as well as password protect files. The screen capture functionality can also be turned off. AbsoluteSafe provides a solution for IT that removes the need for end users to use tools like DropBox and email to access company-liable information on their iOS tablets and smartphones, and returns control of that data to the company.

Scheduled Policies. Configuration profiles and media files can be assigned time-limited access. Now IT administrators can shut down access to corporate networks at a pre-defined time, or limit the availability of a document on a device for the duration of a meeting. Once the meeting time ends, the document is automatically removed from the device.

Policy-Locked Configuration Profiles. IT administrators can create corporate smart policies to provide devices with access to company email and networks. Absolute Manage 6.0 provides them with the capability to attach conditions to these policies so that non-compliant devices (jailbroken, containing blacklisted apps, etc.) will immediately lose access to company resources.

Management for Android Devices: Along with PCs, Macs, and iOS devices, IT administrators can now manage Android devices within their deployment, all from the same console.