Actiance has announced the release of Vantage for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, a new addition to the Actiance security and compliance platform.

The solution allows companies to create granular policy controls for content inspection, real-time alerts, and role-based workflow for supervisory review, logging and archiving. For organizations in regulated industries—including financial services, legal and healthcare—this is a critical step to reduce risk and ensure corporate compliance with regulatory, legal and corporate governance rules.

Collaboration tools, such as SharePoint, are changing the way enterprises conduct business, enabling the rapid creation and distribution of content and materials inside and outside organizations. Extending SharePoint features to monitor and manage publishing activities with contextual capture of content along with the creation of custom policies can help ensure compliance with corporate governance requirements and industry-specific regulations.

The Actiance platform provides robust security-enhanced compliance and management capabilities across a wide range of communication and collaboration systems. Enterprises can apply tailored polices and controls to comply with specific industry regulation, corporate governance, or legal-hold.

The platform also offers proactive features to monitor activity, including real-time alerts based on content detected and role-based reviews that include search capabilities and workflow review. Actiance users can both lower the costs needed to comply with regulatory, legal and corporate governance rules, as well as simplify policy control for the platform.