As you may recall, Allen Stanford and the federal prosecutors who obtained his conviction for a massive Ponzi scheme differed by over two centuries on the proper length of Stanford's sentence. To recap, prosecutors urged U.S. District Judge David Hittner to sentence Stanford to prison for 230 years. Stanford's lawyers, on the other hand, quite optimistically asked the judge to impose a prison term of just 31 to 44 months for their client, meaning that he would immediately be a free man given that he has already served over three years in custody. 

Judge Hittner delivered the sentence today and, as a result, it looks like Allen Stanford will need to postpone that golf outing he may have been planning for later this month by 110 years. On top of the 110-year sentence handed down today, prosecutors are also now asking Judge Hittner to order Stanford to forfeit $5.9 billion, CNBC reports. Stanford reportedly plans to appeal the sentence.