Aveksa, a provider of enterprise Access Governance automation solutions, has announced the release of its newest Governance Platform Version 5.5.

These new features include the general availability of Access Fulfillment Express (AFX), Aveksa's access change fulfillment solution, as well as other significant product enhancements. With Aveksa AFX, enterprises can leverage the investments they've made by connecting to their existing provisioning systems, while standardizing on a modern, centralized place in which to define policies, execute processes and drive access lifecycle activities including change fulfillment. AFX enables users to:
  • Quickly and reliably fulfill access changes across all key systems and applications
  • Rapidly on-board new applications in hours rather than weeks
  • Take ownership of the “last mile” connection to applications

In addition to AFX, Aveksa's Access Governance automation platform version 5.5 provides a full lifecycle approach to access and include significant enhancements to user access request capabilities, including:

Access Request Interface Enhancements: Extensions to Aveksa's Access Request capabilities include the ability to model complex and interdependent entitlement requests.

Access Request Process Improvements: The newest enhancements make business user approvals of requested access easier and fosters a more natural interaction between requester and approver.

Task, Work Queue and SLA Management: By applying business priorities and business rules to access-related IT work, the enterprise obtains clearer prioritization of IT work, resulting in more efficient business processes, more responsive IT and improved operational efficiency.