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Safe-T Launches Secure Sharing and Collaboration Platform Designed for End-to-End Security on Any Device

GRC Announcements | August 1, 2013

Safe-T, a provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration solutions, this month launched in the United States and United Kingdom its enterprise strength security platform, with a unique system architecture designed to protect data in transit, simply and cost-effectively while meeting regulatory requirements.

The Safe-T product suite includes secure e-mail, collaborative content management, secure front end and anti-virus and malware detection enabling enterprises to conduct content deep search and file format conversation, while keeping the data free from threats. Safe-T products can be deployed individually, each as a standalone solution, or together as an integrated approach.

The Safe-T Integration Platform's unique system architecture allows enterprises to integrate seamlessly with CRM, ERP, internal development and legacy systems to protect data as it moves through the enterprise, reducing operational costs, while streamlining business security processes.

By providing connectors or integration points for third party applications, which can be downloaded from their portal, Safe-T supports do-it-yourself integration, or can provide professional services for those companies that require customizations.

Safe-T's product suite also includes the RSAccess Secure Front End, which eliminates the need to duplicate sensitive information on both sides of the firewall, thereby avoiding security vulnerabilities while reducing email system stress, storage needs and bandwidth consumption.  This innovative design also simplifies network management and operations by eliminating the need for data synchronization between the DMZ, enterprise databases and application servers. 

Safe-T's solutions are deployable in a wide variety of configurations including cloud services, appliances, virtualization and stand-alone software.