BPV Wealth Management—an independent, SEC Registered Investment Advisor—has changed its name to BPV Capital Management.

The change has been driven by the rapid growth of the company's asset management business and comes on the heels of the national introduction of the BPV Family of Funds, as well as its two NASDAQ-listed mutual funds: the BPV Core Diversification Fund (BPVDX) and the BPV Wealth Preservation Fund (BPVPX).

Mike West, senior partner and chief executive officer of BPV Wealth Management, explained the need for the mutual funds. “We have become greatly concerned that many of the financial services industry's alternative investment strategies and products were only available to the mega-wealthy," he said. "As a result, we have developed investment strategies and products that address many investors' two major concerns; market volatility and personal risk." West added that the name change "more accurately defines who we are as a financial services company today."