C2C, a provider of email, file and messaging management solutions, announced that its ArchiveOne email archiving and retention solution offers complete mobile device support. Using any mobile device—including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android or Microsoft—end users can easily access archived email data with a simple point and click experience.

ArchiveOne has implemented its ‘Archive Access' features using open standards, such as Web Services, HTML and XML, so that all mobile device types are supported. The product has been designed so users do not have to change their normal email behavior.

Key benefits of ArchiveOne's mobile support include:

  • Full end user transparency
  • Simple click and access workflow
  • Complete support for any mobile device
  • No change to the way the user accesses email
  • Access to archived email data from anywhere

In addition, ArchiveOne provides secure access to archived emails through iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone devices and through the web and web service technologies for offsite workers. Advanced PST management allows administrators to discover, search, delete or consolidate PST files across the organization.