Consult2Comply, a regulatory compliance software and services provider, announced the online availability of their new, fully automated, and hosted risk assessment product, My Risk Assessor. The SaaS solution is designed to help executives and directors understand risk assessment and related responsibilities, and to provide the means to monitor, measure, and manage the process of risk management.

MyRA estimates the likelihood of exposure from numerous threats, vulnerabilities and identifies the procedures needed to control that exposure. It maps risk into policies, procedures and regulations and can calculate single loss and annual loss expectancy, among other features. Also built into the tool is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) component, which helps companies identify what parts of the organization will be most affected by an incident, and what effect it will have on the company as a whole.

MyRA is powered by C2C's Compliance Mapper and offers an affordable, automated solution that is easy to understand and to use by managers and staff. Consult2Comply's automated compliance products are architected to support risk and control frameworks as well as creating regulatory mappings that produce reports to show users the relationship between selected compliance standards and their exiting frameworks.

C2C's recently launched Website offers a vast selection of standards, regulations and best practices to use for easily generated comparison reports that are designed to help organizations manage, as well as adjust compliance management frameworks as operational environments change. A user can build a custom mapping by selecting from the content library and following the easy instructions. Commonly requested pre-built mappings are also available. Any regulations that are not currently offered on the site can easily be added.