C2C, a provider of email, file and messaging management solutions, today announced its latest release of ArchiveOne, a trusted solution for email archiving, eDiscovery and compliance management. Key new features automatically determine the owner of lost PST files, provide continuous system health checks and simplify the management of disaster recovery to the cloud.

The latest release of ArchiveOne includes:

Automatic ownership detection for lost PST files. ArchiveOne now uses three unique algorithms to identify the owner for “uncoupled” or “unassociated” PST files, such as those belonging to former employees. Now thousands of PST files can be rapidly assessed from a central location, even if they are on a remote desktop or laptop computer, so that they can be quickly integrated into the corporate compliance and protection infrastructure.

Continuous system health checks. ArchiveOne now provides a regular health check analysis, daily or more frequently, to improve productivity through the proactive identification of thresholds and environmental issues that may impact system performance. Health check reports are automatically emailed to the system administrator for their attention.

Simplified cloud-based disaster recovery. ArchiveOne CloudDR now makes it easy to store and restore data to and from the Cloud. Featuring options to automatically copy repositories and indexes to the Cloud, ArchiveOne provides a full disaster recovery copy without ever needing to copy data to tape.

Intuitive web-based administrator dashboard and widgets. ArchiveOne simplifies the IT administrator's job through an intuitive “at-a-glance” administration dashboard which covers key new metrics including system throughput, archiving rates, end user retrieval response times, storage growth and more. Using the quick-read dashboard it is easy to identify system slow downs, problem users while gaining greater insight into capacity planning (storage, processing and scalability) for the archive solution.