Erado, a compliance and archiving firm in electronic communication, has announced a strategic partnership with Engage121, a provider of social media software solutions for marketing and communications professionals.

This relationship provides a true end-to-end social media CRM solution, leveraging Engage121's ability to capture and manage customer-facing CRM and brand messaging across multiple social media platforms and Erado's capability to archive all social media activity between corporations and the public to ensure compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Under the new partnership, Engage121 customers will be able to link to Erado's social media archiving application to deliver social media content to Erado's hosted archiving service or to the client's own archiving solution. Erado's customers will benefit from the integration of Engage121's social media CRM application as a content creation, monitoring and management "front-end" to their existing Erado archiving capabilities.

The Engage121 software enables real-time, comprehensive CRM response and reporting with multi-layered permissioning; multi-brand and/or multi-outlet communications management and integrated, simultaneous social media content delivery to and from all available social media platforms.