Good Technology and ActivIdentity Corporation, part of HID Global, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver an array of new government-strength, two-factor mobile authentication and credentialing solutions for the iOS and Android platforms.

The new solutions complement the existing government-grade security capabilities of "Good for Enterprise" and "Good for Government" with the authentication technology of the ActivIdentity ActivClient Mobile middleware, making it easier for federal employees, and the companies that support them, to gain access to pertinent applications using their mobile device while maintaining necessary internal security levels.

Good Technology and ActivIdentity are working together to mobilize smart cards and the underlying secure element technology. This solution enables email and document encryption, cryptographic signing of emails and forms, and extends public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication tools to custom applications previously not allowed on highly popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The strong, multi-factor authentication capabilities of the new solutions will allow employees to prove and trust identities accessing resources on their networks using existing CAC/PIV smart card technology. Employees also will be able to leverage the same certified smart card chip environment inside a Secure Element Micro SD or Embedded Secure Element chip on their mobile device loaded with a certified PIV Applet (data structure, functionality, security model).

Enterprise and government agencies can now leverage the same security principles that a smart card provides (e.g. Hardware Protection and Tamper Resistance) in order to provide Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions support and the highest levels of authentication and security.