IMA, the association of accountants and financial professionals in business, and global publisher John Wiley & Sons have announced a strategic partnership, involving co-branding, distribution, product enhancements, and innovation for IMA's Certified Management Accountant Learning System (CMA LS) exam prep suite of products.

Featuring a two-part exam program, IMA's CMA credential represents a rigorous assessment for accounting and finance career professionals. Through this new partnership, Wiley will publish and market IMA's CMA LS product line through its global multi-channel sales distribution system and leverage the publisher's innovative delivery options, including mobile applications.

“IMA and Wiley have worked together successfully in the past in different capacities and we're pleased to bring this relationship to the next level,” said Jeff Thomson, CMA, IMA president and CEO. “The partnership will enable greater awareness and adoption of the CMA certification program in the U.S. and around the world.”

Wiley, which publishes management and financial accounting textbooks and professional learning titles, will commence sales of the CMA LS suite of products later this year.