Today, organizations are utilizing archiving technology to address a number of business needs, including the need to more effectively manage the growth of information repositories, as well as the need to address regulatory reporting requirements. However, the most common business driver that leads organizations to invest in archiving technology is to address the early stages of legal discovery and internal investigations, where companies seek to improve current methods of identification, collection, and preservation that have proven to be too expensive, disruptive, and inexact.

Download this business brief and learn about Proofpoint Enterprise Archive's ability to:

  • Create and enforce retention and disposition policies
  • Reduce the need to rely on under-managed data sources
  • Automate processes to ensure that legal holds are applied against targeted data
  • Provide earlier matter insight and enhanced legal team self-sufficiency
  • Ensure that ESI can be securely exported for downstream legal review

Learn how Proofpoint Enterprise Archive can help your organization maintain data integrity and manage legal risks within legal discovery.