LogLogic, a provider of security and log management, today unveiled the next generation of its core open log management technology, powered by the latest LogLogic 4.9 software. In response to market demand for better scalability, more capacity and reduced carbon footprint, the new line of appliances is supplied on bigger, faster, more resilient hardware designed to deliver massive increases in log message processing, log message storage, connectivity, and resiliency.

The new LogLogic products take advantage of the latest improvements in software technology, incorporating the most advanced software, faster processors, faster disks, more storage space, and enhanced networking capabilities in the same or smaller footprint as before. With scalable new CPUs and new LogLogic software tuned to optimize disk and processor performance, customers will enjoy faster searches and reporting times in the new platform.

Additionally, customers will be able to store a greater volume of log data on the appliances, allowing them to handle growing log data needs. Testing shows that LogLogic’s top-of-the-line LX appliance has gone from consuming 4,000 log records a second, to an average of 10,000, peaking at 130,000 in certain circumstances. Likewise, the ST range has jumped from consuming 75,000 log records per second to an average of 150,000, peaking at 250,000.