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Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly
“The Big Picture” is written by Matt Kelly, editor-in-chief of Compliance Week. Kelly blogs about the broader context of regulatory developments, legislative actions in Washington, and other events in the area of compliance and corporate governance. Questions, comments and statements from readers are always welcome, and where appropriate Kelly will try to address them in his blog.

Recent Articles

Conduct Versus Bureacracy, and Bureaucracy Won

April 07, 2014

Corporations always say they want to be ethical businesses—then bureaucracy takes over, and everything goes to pieces. That uncomfortable truth about ethics & compliance was on display last week with Caterpillar (tax avoidance) and General Motors (disregard of safety). We can aspire to higher conduct all we want, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly writes, but it remains too easy to lose sight of what that means.

More Struggles on Cyber-Security

March 31, 2014

Take solace, compliance officers and audit committees struggling with cyber-security risks: Regulators don't know how to handle the issue either. Guidance and speeches from every corner suggest that government knows how important cyber-security is, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly writes—but what can investors and regulators reasonably expect you to do? And how should you do it? Nobody knows.

The Delicate State of Anti-Bribery Enforcement at the SFO

March 17, 2014

Britain's Serious Fraud Office now has the power to reach deferred-prosecution agreements with businesses and hopes that will lead to a new era of anti-corruption enforcement in the U.K.—which, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly says, the SFO definitely needs. Kelly recently sat down with Ben Morgan, head of the SFO's anti-bribery unit, to ask how companies can navigate self-disclosure to the SFO and British-style DPAs; Morgan's comments are inside.

The Politics of Overtime

March 12, 2014

The Obama Administration's plans to expand overtime pay might (scratch that; will) send Corporate America into apoplexy. But, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly says, they should surprise nobody following political and economic trends. The logic driving the White House is simple, he says, and recent political history is on its side.

Corruption Comes Home to Roost

March 03, 2014

Within the space of one week, ethics & compliance officers have all the ammunition they need to tell cynics why eradicating corruption is so important. From war in the Ukraine, to bloody protests in Venezuela, to unrest in Turkey, we are seeing the ugly end game of corruption. Western governments will need to clean up that mess, and, editor Matt Kelly writes from London, they will have corporations do plenty of the grunt work.

Speaking in Hints: More From SEC Speaks

February 24, 2014

Mark Cuban, bête noire of the SEC ever since he bested the agency last year at trial over insider-trading charges, stole the show at the SEC Speaks forum last week for crashing the event and live-tweeting it. Still, let's look at what else was said at the program, since the SEC officials there dropped plenty of hints about their intentions in 2014 and beyond. Editor Matt Kelly has more inside.

Cyber-Security Takes Centerstage: Risks, Guidance, and Regulator Wrath

February 18, 2014

Cyber-security, back in the news! NIST, one of the most useful government agencies most compliance officers never encounter, just published a new framework for managing such risks. The SEC and Congress are on the warpath for companies to manage cyber-security more effectively. How can compliance officers help put together an effective risk management program? Editor Matt Kelly has some thoughts.

Long Road Ahead in EU Anti-Corruption

February 10, 2014

Last week the European Commission published its first-ever report on anti-corruption efforts across the European Union. If American compliance executives want to understand how different the challenges in Europe actually are, dig into it. The spirit to fight corruption may be there, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly writes, but the structure may not. In fact, the spirit might not be all there either, he adds. More inside.

2014 Anti-Bribery & Corruption Survey Launched

January 28, 2014

Calling all members of the ethics & compliance community, we need your help! Compliance Week and Kroll are conducting our annual survey of anti-bribery and corruption practices again. Please take the 2014 Anti-Bribery & Corruption survey on behalf of your company, to give us fresh data for this year. Details inside.

The Audit Committee Conundrum: IT Risks

January 27, 2014

Audit committees are uneasy about IT risks these days. So says the most recent report from KPMG's Audit Committee Institute, and that finding should surprise nobody. The question for chief compliance officers and audit executives, then, is how you can help your audit committee get the information it needs to understand those risks. Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly has some thoughts inside, including the thought that this will not at all be easy.

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