Former members of Cisco's human resource M&A team have announced the launch of Tasman Consulting, a newly-established boutique consultancy firm based in San Francisco that specializes in HR mergers and acquisitions services.

The firm is dedicated to helping clients make any acquisition as smooth and successful as possible for all staff involved, giving clients the kind of advice that larger consulting firms struggle to offer.

“There are many large consulting firms that address the HR aspect of M&A, certainly, but none of them offer truly personalized and tailor-made service with practical, hands-on experience, and of course, cost-effective solutions,” said Shari Yocum, managing partner at Tasman and former director of the HR M&A integration team at Cisco. “We know because we've been there.”

Tasman's team has 45 years of combined M&A experience, having worked on more than 140 acquisitions in over 50 countries—from small domestic deals valued at $1 million to cross-border transactions and industry-changing acquisitions worth as much as $7 billion.

“After years of working across the entire spectrum of human capital integration issues in M&A deals—from acquisitions and joint ventures to divestitures—we saw the need for practical and usable real-world advice for companies that might not be able to afford or even have the need for an internal M&A Integration team,” said Yocum.

Tasman provides the tools to formulate the right HR solutions based on the distinct circumstances of each transaction. More information on the firm can be found here.