OpenSpan, a provider of personal workflow management software, has announced OpenSpan Events, a real-time, lightweight service that passively and securely collects previously inaccessible user events from desktop and other legacy applications.

OpenSpan Events enables organizations to generate real-time compliance alerts and notifications, interface with enterprise business process management and business activity monitoring systems, and perform detailed user and process performance analytics with standard business intelligence and reporting tools. As a result, organizations can perform complex audits of user activity, identifying compliance or security violations, improving business performance, and reducing costs.

Highly configurable, OpenSpan Events can monitor a wide range of events including compliance violations, business process status, workflow duration, application or user errors, and user-defined transactions. Custom alerts can also be triggered for defined activities, such as the copy and pasting of private data or other compliance violations.

Key features of OpenSpan Events include:

Compliance and Audit: OpenSpan Events enables organizations and independent software vendors to add auditing capabilities to virtually any application, without requiring access to source code. It’s an ideal solution for auditing workflows that span multiple applications and generating real-time alerts for compliance violations by business users. For example, a financial services company can generate compliance alerts whenever a business user incorrectly adjusts a customer’s credit limit.

Business Visibility: OpenSpan Events provides total visibility into business processes that require human workflows. Traditional BPM systems can alert business users to a required workflow, but have limited or no visibility into the status of the workflow until it is completed. With OpenSpan Events, organizations can monitor user interactions with desktop applications and feed this event data into business process management and business activity monitoring systems.

Desktop Event Monitoring: OpenSpan Events captures data across any desktop or legacy application in real time. This information can then be fed into leading business intelligence, business activity monitoring systems, or other analysis products to gain a better understanding of user activity and to identify bottlenecks within key business processes. By logging composite events that span multiple applications and ignoring irrelevant events, OpenSpan Events delivers required granularity so that organizations can capture and report productivity metrics.