Check out this photo of "The Enforcers" in Monday's New York Times.

Robert S. Khuzami, center, with members of his team, from left, Kenneth Lench, Daniel M. Hawke, Cheryl Scarboro, Thomas A. Sporkin, Robert B. Kaplan and Lorin L. Reisner.

I think it must have gone down something like this:
"Alright, everyone into Rob's office. Rob, get in the middle and cross your arms like you just caught an insider trader chewing the memory card from his cell phone. Good. Cheryl, can't really see your face, can you move to your right just a hair--perfect. OK, ready?

[Puts down camera]... Listen, this ain't a birthday party. Wipe those smiles off your faces! Game faces, people! Lorin, the left corner of your mouth is almost smiling--turn it back down. Ken--we only need one person folding their arms here, you're stealing Rob's thunder!

Kaplan! Wake up back there! You and Hawke need to remember we're going for "don't mess with us" here, not "skeptical" or "sad." Just do what Tom's doing-he's got it. Hey, Tom, you OK? You haven't moved in a while.

Alright, forget it. I need to go take Elaine Greenberg's photo even though she is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Let's just go with what we have.  Click."