Oversight Systems, a continuous-analysis platform, has announced its new SuperMapper technology designed to simplify and accelerate the integration and analysis of data from multiple systems, including Big Data resources.

This new technology combines both structured and unstructured data within Oversight's analysis applications to help users make smarter decisions based on larger, more complex data sets. For example, SuperMapper greatly expands the range of data analyzed, as well as the speed and depth of the analysis for Oversight's Assured Best Pricing application. Assured Best Pricing identifies opportunities for smarter procurement decisions in real-time.

Purchasing managers will now be able to gain insights into opportunities for better pricing from unstructured data such as e-mail conversations with vendors and price-trend discussions in blogs and social media, as well as more traditional structured data such as purchase history and inventory data.

SuperMapper is available immediately as part of every Oversight Systems Continuous Analysis solution. Current customers will receive SuperMapper capabilities as part of their regular upgrade cycle.