Complimentary Webcast
Beyond the First 48 Hours: From Crisis Response to Long-Term Business Continuity Management
January 11, 2013
12:00 - 1:30 PM EST

Join PwC for a Webcast on Friday, January 11, from 12:00pm to 1:30pm (EST), to find out what companies can do to be as prepared as possible for the next natural disaster or business interruption that impacts their organization. The Webcast will complement a new paper being released in early January on the importance of a comprehensive business continuity management (BCM) program. Recent disasters exposed gaps and weaknesses in many businesses' crisis management plans. While many companies have good crisis management plans that will get them through the initial impacts of a major event, today's complex organizations need a comprehensive business continuity management program to take them beyond the first 48 hours. A well-designed program will see a company through the crisis and its aftermath to the restoration of operations and the preservation of the company brand.

PwC will bring together BCM leaders from within PwC plus Jackie Gossip-Herbert, Director Americas IT BCM Recovery at UBS, and Paul Beim, Director at RBS Markets & International Banking (M&IB) Americas, who experienced firsthand how events like Superstorm Sandy affected personnel and operations. The panel will discuss lessons learned from these events as well as best practices to restore operational effectiveness and mitigate the revenue, reputation, compliance, and expense impacts of a crisis.

We hope you can participate in this Webcast, where you will be provided with techniques and foresight to enable you to avoid the "what do we do now?" question that many companies face in the light of a business interruption. Creating a business continuity management plan provides a proactive roadmap to stability, addressing (1) what you need to do, (2) how you can accomplish it, and (3) who will get it done.

Please click here for additional information and to register.

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