You're never going to believe this, but prosecutors in the stalled-out Allen Stanford criminal case believe that his new claim of amnesia preventing him from standing trial is ... wait for it ... fake!

As you may recall, just when Stanford finally kicked his addiction to an anti-anxiety drug called Klonopin that had left him too "mentally foggy" to stand trial, Stanford's attorney announced that he had a new ailment that would delay his criminal trial. According to CNBC, Doctors hired by Stanford have now advised the court that Stanford has "no independent recollection of personal life events or business dealings that predated the head trauma he sustained in the September 2009." Indeed, one of the doctor's claims--which I think may be borrowed from the movie Regarding Henry--is that Stanford now feels bad "after being informed by his family that he was known as a 'womanizer.'"

Prosecutors, however, are not buying that story. CNBC reports that in a court filing this week, prosecutors argued that "convincing, reliable evidence demonstrates that Stanford is faking memory loss." Prosecutors argue that doctors at the medical center where Stanford previously resided say Stanford's claims of memory loss are not credible, and that "doctors testing Stanford's memory found he 'either was not trying or was faking.'"

Stanford's competency hearing is set for Tuesday, December 20.