Back in January 2011, U.S. District Judge David Hittner postponed Allen Stanford's criminal trial after psychiatrists testified that Stanford was not capable of helping with his defense. A big part of the problem, the psychiatrists said, was that despite being in federal custody, Stanford somehow managed to become addicted to an anti-anxiety drug called Klonopin that had left him "mentally foggy." Judge Hittner ruled that Stanford had to be weaned off of the drug and deemed competent before standing trial.

Ten months later, it appears that Stanford has finally completed his drug rehabilitation treatment. Reuters reported yesterday that Stanford has left the medical center at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina, where he has been undergoing treatment since January. Stanford is now in custody at a transfer facility in Oklahoma City.

CNBC reports that Stanford's trial is currently scheduled for January 2012, but it is unclear if that date will stick. And in case the judge deems Stanford to have sufficiently weaned himself off of the Klonopin, Stanford says he has a new ailment that will further delay the case. According to Ed Snyder, an attorney representing many Stanford investors trying to get their money back, "Allen Stanford says he has amnesia.  He can't remember anything about his past and what he did for 20 years there in Antigua."