Many organizations today are experiencing difficulty with attaining maturity in risk management. Organizations typically conduct enterprise risk management through simple, periodic risk assessments of historical data rolled up into ineffective management reports. This report‐focused approach is ineffective and inefficient, and fails to unlock the true value of Enterprise Risk Management.

Based on its experience implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solutions for more than 250 organizations worldwide, Cura Software advocates five tactical themes to help organizations mature their risk management initiatives:

1. Enforce accountability

2. Embed risk management

3. Link risk management to strategic decision making

4. Communicate risk management widely

5. Measure performance

Experience with leading organizations has shown that these tactical themes represent the essential underpinnings of a transformative ERM program that is within reach of any size organization in any industry. Adherence to the principles contained within these tactical themes is a sound step toward bridging the gap between Enterprise Risk Assessment and Enterprise Risk Management and attaining greater benefit from an ERM program.

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