The position of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) has changed dramatically over the last decade. An ongoing plethora of regulations are being enacted that make compliance more important, and more challenging, than ever. Yet many corporate leaders still question the need to invest more people, time, and money in compliance than they see as absolutely necessary – until and unless something big breaks.

The Risk Intelligent Chief Compliance Officer demonstrates how CCOs can lead the way to a compliance approach that makes the link between compliance and enterprise value crystal clear. By helping the C-suite understand compliance risks in the context of the company's broader risk management and business objectives, Risk Intelligent compliance can help leaders:

  • Align the company's compliance efforts and investments with business priorities
  • Recognize compliance's impact on reputation, strategy, operations, and finance
  • Leverage the company's compliance strengths to pursue “upside” business opportunities

The potential payoff: The transformation of compliance, long viewed as a chore, into a valued and valuable business asset.