The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters has released two new online services—Taxcast International and Ask the Expert Webinar—to help businesses stay abreast of the latest sales and use tax and value-added tax changes.

Especially in the current challenging economic environment, business of all sizes find it increasingly difficult to keep current with shifting tax laws and effectively achieve compliance with confidence. Drawing on the research and analysis of Sabrix Tax Services’ tax experts, including attorneys, CPAs, accountants, and former tax auditors, as well as partners, the company’s new online services provide businesses with access to industry-leading SAS 70 certified best practices in tax compliance.

Taxcast International is an online interactive tool that complements the existing U.S.-based Taxcast and is comprised of:

  • A user-friendly, graphical map interface to help companies easily understand country-by-country transaction tax compliance issues;

  • Concise summaries of recent tax rate changes, product taxability, tax jurisdiction, and authority updates; and

  • Expert analysis highlighting unique tax laws and trends that create compliance risk and exposure for businesses if not properly addressed.

The Ask the Expert Webinar features an online Webinar for finance executives to discuss sales and use tax compliance issues including current events, tax rate changes, best practices, and legal summaries affecting the sales and use tax and VAT landscape; and the ability to submit specific sales and use tax and VAT questions related to a specific business, which will be answered by Sabrix Tax Services experts during the Webinar.

Sabrix Taxcast and Ask the Expert Webinar along with the other tools available on the Sabrix Tax Resource Center arm businesses with the timely information needed to achieve higher degrees of compliance, while reducing compliance costs. Other free resources include tax tables, whitepapers, Webinars, and a tax blog written by members of the Sabrix Tax Research team.