TRAC and ethiXbase have teamed up to provide an entirely new approach to supply chain and marketing compliance.

TRAC (TRACE Reviewed Access Code ) is the first global platform that captures, assesses and shares baseline due diligence information across the supply chain, and assigns a universal ID number (TRAC Number) to all approved applicants. ethiXbase provides each partner in a company's supply chain with a comprehensive and defensible communications program for both compliance with both the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and domestic anti-corruption compliance. Successful participants receive a unique ‘ethiXbase Certified' number.

TRAC and EthiXbase are entirely free for companies to access. When vendors enroll in TRAC + ethiXbase, they pay just $160. The whole process can be completed by vendors in under an hour.

TRAC and ethiXbase certification numbers are publicly available, promoting greater compliance and transparency in the global supply chain. For more information, contact TRACE at