TruOps, a provider of enterprise-level IT GRC automation and management software from SDG Corporation, has announced the debut of the TruOps GRC Hub. The new platform provides real-time transparency of an enterprise's GRC landscape by automating all risk, policy and compliance management activities and providing a global view of security status.

TruOps GRC Hub enables companies to proactively identify issues and threats and significantly reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with gathering information from disparate systems and documents. It delivers four modules designed to provide an instant “big picture” view that can be used both by practitioners and business leaders.

These include:

  • Compliance Management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Policy Management; and
  • Security Management.

TruOps' GRC Hub's modules have been designed to work with investments already made in security and compliance technologies, allowing companies to leverage the data from existing point products to gain a complete understanding of what's going on in enterprise environments. The modules can be delivered together or individually and are fully customizable to meet specific enterprise requirements and preferences.