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2013 Compliance Week Virtual Annual Conference

Our theme this year is "Seeing All the Data"—a testament to how vital it is that compliance executives have visibility into all the information and operations at their enterprises.

Topics will cover tracking all your third parties, or monitoring all the data your business collects about customers, or seeing all the regulatory risks you face as you build a risk-management program.

Webcasts will be a combination of new presentations and recorded sessions from the 8th Annual Compliance Week conference. Most will qualify for CPE credit.

Virtual Conference: Big Data

Webcast topics include:

  • How will Big Data change the risks I have now, and how quickly?
  • How can compliance and audit departments take advantage of Big Data themselves, to respond effectively?
  • Are current laws and regulations sufficient to help you understand your compliance obligations in a Big Data world?
  • What analytical tools exist to help you manage Big Data?
  • How will all this affect the ethical behavior and attitudes of your employees?

Virtual Conference on Managing Risk

Webcast topics include:

  • Managing corruption risks in the supply chain
  • Performing due diligence in the extended enterprise
  • Current state (of chaos) around conflict mineral and mining payment disclosure
  • Monitoring third parties for adherence to your code of conduct
  • The scams vendors will pull to give the appearance of behaving ethically
  • When values collide: how to negotiate with overseas vendors

Implementing Data Security Systems That Work

Webcast topics include:

  • How compliance and IT can work together more effectively to understand your data security and privacy risks;
  • How you can develop IT systems that let the business do its work, but also meet regulatory compliance burdens and protect the company from other threats;
  • Why these plans so often go wrong, and you end up with the CCO and the CIO talking past each other rather than working together.

2012 Compliance Week Virtual Annual Conference

Webcast topics include:

  • Challenges of leading the modern global corporation
  • PCAOB's renewed effort to reduce audit failure
  • Corporate conduct when settling misconduct allegations
  • FASB's efforts to align U.S. accounting rules with international accounting standards

This virtual environment is designed to emulate the valuable experiences of the physical conference. Delegates have the chance to participate remotely and earn free CPE credits.

On-Demand eConference on Cloud Computing

Keynote Speaker: Andrew B. Serwin, Chair, privacy, security and information management practice Foley & Lardner

This one-day virtual event examined all the perils and realities of cloud computing: data security risks, prudent policies for employee use of cloud technology, business continuity considerations, current SEC regulations, and views on cyber-security and social media, and more.