In the UK, the Serious Fraud Office is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of serious and complex fraud, bribery and corruption in England, Wales and Northern Ireland under the superintendence of the Attorney General. Since April 2008, Richard Alderman has served as Director of the SFO, a position which comes with a four-year term with the possibility of extension or reappointment.

Alderman's initial four year term will soon be completed, but judging by a recent job posting (via WSJ Law Blog) that a UK headhunter is trying to fill, it looks like Alderman will be departing the SFO and a new Director will be coming on board early next year. According to the specific Candidate Brief for the position, the closing date for applications is November 11, 2011, which will be followed by a series of interviews as well as some "online psychometric testing" that will continue through December 2011. The SFO will pay its new Director  "in the region of £150,000 or more for an exceptional candidate."