NetSuite, a provider of cloud computing business management software suites, announced that advanced wireless data solutions provider, Wireless Matrix Corporation, has completely integrating its business operations on the NetSuite OneWorld platform.

As a rapidly growing organization that completed two major acquisitions in recent years, Wireless Matrix's operations were largely isolated along three functional lines, and heavily tied to manual and paper-bound processes. The dual challenge of adding new customers without costly increases in headcount, and having to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, made things difficult for the publicly held company.

After vetting over a dozen options, Wireless Matrix selected NetSuite OneWorld, a comprehensive cloud computing enterprise management solution. The company relies on NetSuite OneWorld for ERP, sales automation, marketing, manufacturing, work orders and RMAs, inventory, and customer support.

By integrating with Wireless Matrix's existing manufacturing, provisioning, and customer usage monitoring software using SuiteTalk technology, NetSuite supported the company's existing global business processes while improving corporate-wide visibility. Wireless Matrix has gained cost efficiencies by replacing disconnected systems, improving visibility and agility, and holding the line on payroll even as the company continues to grow.

With NetSuite, Wireless Matrix was able to eliminate numerous cumbersome, manual processes, and reduced reliance on new hires to serve a growing customer base. With unified processes, Wireless Matrix has seen improvements across the board, including faster RMA processing and more accurate reporting and billing. Process controls and accountability make the company's reporting more authoritative and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance easier to manage.