Trade-intelligence company Zepol Corporation has released its latest trade data tool, Compliance IQ, designed to help U.S. importers adhere to U.S. government import regulations.

Compliance IQ is a unique solution designed to help find all the information trade compliance professionals need in order to bring a product into the United States; it combines multiple import-compliance data sets within one online interface, allowing users to find the exact information they need for specific HTS Codes.

Additionally, Compliance IQ users can view product classifications, search by binding rulings, tariffs, quotas, anti-dumping duties, and more, helping companies identify the best import opportunities and reduce the risk of import penalties.

Compliance IQ's vast amount of information can also be used to classify products; see how competitors classify their products; view applicable duties and quotas; and better demonstrate due diligence if an audit occurs. This tool allows users to proactively monitor government updates via scheduled e-mailed reports.

More information on how to obtain a free trial or free demonstration of Compliance IQ and its entire suite of trade-data tools can be found here.