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    Compliance includes anti-trust compliance


    While the United States banks on anti-trust training, in other parts of the world—such as Germany—there is not such a strong prohibition against competitors’ collaboration. Reports, however, indicate that may be changing.

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    Use of Compliance Data an Anti-Trust Violation in Europe?


    How did the collection of Big Data somehow run afoul of European anti-trust regulations? The Man from FCPA takes a look at one of the more puzzling regulatory decisions to come out of the Eurozone recently, and at what it means for compliance officers everywhere.

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    European Commission Probes Antitrust Breaches in Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium


    Image: Title: VestagerThe European Commission handed down a preliminary decision that a Bulgarian state-owned energy concern was breaching antitrust rules by blocking access to the gas supply infrastructure. It is also investigating breaches in Spain and Belgium. Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner in charge of competition policy, said: “We need to ...

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    Qualcomm to Pay $975 Million in China Antitrust Case


    Chipmaker giant Qualcomm has agreed to pay a record $975 million fine to Chinese regulators and to make certain modifications to its business practices to resolve an antitrust investigation that began more than a year ago. “Although Qualcomm is disappointed with the results of the investigation, it is pleased that ...

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    Japanese Firm Fined $3.2M on Price-Fixing Charges


    Japan-based auto parts maker Sanden has agreed to pay a $3.2 million criminal fine to the Department of Justice for its role in a conspiracy to suppress competition for the purchase of compressors sold to Nissan North America. “The Division continues to vigorously prosecute companies and individuals that seek to ...

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    Antitrust Division: $1.86B in Fines Last Year


    The Antitrust Division of the Justice Department had one of its biggest years ever in fiscal 2014: $1.86 billion in fines and penalties from various enforcement actions. The lion’s share of that sum stems from a widespread price-fixing and bid-rigging scheme in the auto parts industry, as well as the ...