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Automation, AI, and the future of audit and compliance

Bill Coffin | May 22, 2017

One of my favorite parts of the novel Jurassic Park is when the techs are describing why they are so sure that the dinosaurs aren’t reproducing in the park. They have given them all amino acid therapies that essentially render them all female. Yeah, says one skeptic, but how do you know? And that’s when the tech crew reveals a tracking system that shows that the number of dinosaurs in the park is remaining flat. They had 40 velociraptors last month, and they have 40 this month. Hence, no reproduction. But wait, says the skeptic. Your system is only looking for 40 velociraptors. Once it finds 40, it stops counting. What happens when you take that limit off? The number skyrockets and suddenly, the park realizes they have a huge problem on their hands because they have been putting a lot of faith into a very dumb system.

I think about that scene quite a lot when we discuss artificial intelligence in compliance, because until fairly recently, the options we had... To get the full story, subscribe now.