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Becoming the next compliance superhero

Bill Coffin | September 25, 2017

Last year, we saw the inaugural National Compliance Officer Day, an effort spearheaded by SAI Global, but with the intent for it to become a much bigger and broader thing than something affiliated with any one company. I was glad to write about the effort last year, as I strongly support the cause here: to celebrate the unique burden carried by compliance officers, as well as the indispensable value that compliance officers deliver to their organizations by driving legal, ethical, honest, and sustainable business practices. Really, this is something that I think everybody can and should get behind.

The theme of the day last year was how compliance officers are the unsung superheroes of the organizations they serve. Given my lifelong love of comic books, this metaphor certainly worked for me, and it’s something that comes to mind once again as we look to the second National Compliance Officer day. Superheroes, after all, come from all kinds of origins. Some are really aliens... To get the full story, subscribe now.