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Compliance and conduct in the age of outrage

Bill Coffin | August 14, 2017

It says a lot about the state of the country when you spend a few days trying to figure out how one moment of widespread social discussion could inform a larger discussion relevant to the compliance community, only to have that blown out of the water by a far larger version of the same issue a few days later. It’s like we aren’t living with the threat of black swans anymore. Just a massive flock of black geese that honks and knocks everything over and leaves you battered, bruised, and wondering what the heck just happened…so it can happen all over again the following week. Interesting times.

About a week ago, an anti-diversity memo went viral within Google. Google is an interesting place. Like a lot of Silicon Valley, it’s a company with a bold vision, a raft of incredible products (I mean, seriously, when your primary product becomes a verb, you’ve hit upon something), and a Code of Conduct that for... To get the full story, subscribe now.