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Compliance automation is more than just number-crunching

Bill Coffin | February 6, 2017

There is a long-running Internet joke that anytime somebody speaks about a potentially troubling advance in artificial intelligence or robotics, the pat response is, “Sarah Connor unavailable for comment.” Connor, of course, was the heroine of the Terminator movies and has more reasons that almost any other cinematic character to distrust self-aware machinery.

I think of that joke often when I see the proliferation of stories about AI and robotics. Boston Dynamics recently put out some video of a new robot on wheels that can roll around upright and even jump over things, which, if you’ve ever been phobic about robots, will surely give you nightmares. Sarah Connor unavailable for comment.

Likewise, I wrote earlier this year about how, by 2020 we will have computers with enough raw processing power to equal that of the human brain and, by 2050, we’ll have computers with enough raw... To get the full story, subscribe now.