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Hurricane Harvey, heartbreak, and helping hands

Bill Coffin | August 28, 2017

For years, I covered property & casualty re/insurance, and if there is one thing that moves those markets, it is natural disaster. Hurricanes in particular were of perpetual interest, as was any kind of major windstorm, snowstorm or flooding event. Floods are especially nasty, since most folks either 1) do not have flood insurance because they erroneously believe their homeowners coverage will cover them (when in fact, it will not), or 2) go to buy flood coverage, either from one of the few private carriers in the market or from the National Flood Insurance Program, and balk at the price of it. As a result, when major events like this happen, they can leave a lot of people with no way to recover.

Cities themselves have a part to play, especially when it comes to flooding. Houston, currently under some ... To get the full story, subscribe now.