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Sometimes, the rules will not save you

Bill Coffin | April 10, 2017

In the span of two weeks, United airline has had two social media moments of its own creation that did not look particularly good in the eyes of its customers.

In the first case, what happened was at the end of March, a family was boarding a flight, but two young ladies in the family were both denied entry to the plane because they were wearing leggings. The airline deemed this attire inappropriate—even though the young women’s father went on wearing shorts—and that touched off a pretty robust moment online from folks who did not care for an airline determining what is and what is not proper for passengers to wear. Now, I remember a time when you actually dressed up to go on a flight, but those days are long gone now, and seeing people flying across the country in their pajamas is not unheard of. So, what gives with the leggings?

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