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MetricStream Acquires TBD Networks vPanorama Technology

GRC Announcements | June 12, 2012

MetricStream, a provider of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions, has acquired TBD Networks, a cloud transformation company, and its vPanorama cloud GRC technology.

By incorporating vPanorama into its IT-GRC solution, MetricStream will enable customers to seamlessly manage regulatory compliance, privacy requirements, security threats, vulnerability risks, and performance metrics across the entire spectrum of virtual assets in the cloud, as well as on-premise virtual infrastructure. The latter constitutes private clouds based on platforms such as VMware vSphere.

While the cloud offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, scalability, and economy, it also presents an entirely new set of security risks that IT organizations are only beginning to understand. In addition, the cloud increases the complexity of the IT environment; today companies are using a combination of both on-premise physical systems and virtualized IT infrastructure in the cloud which, in turn, may be private, public, or hybrid.

Traditional IT operations are based on physical asset models and stable relationships between servers, networks, and storage elements. With virtualization, however, system services and servers can be provisioned, replicated, updated, and de-provisioned with a single click, explained Thomas Ludwig, CEO of TBD Networks. In addition, network and storage mappings are made fluid, and VMs can be easily moved across and between enterprises, by-passing all traditional security controls,” he said.

“Virtualization and the cloud have fundamentally changed the overall model of IT governance, and significantly impacted security and risk," Ludwig added. "vPanorama is designed for this new paradigm, and augments the MetricStream IT-GRC solution, delivering a panoramic view and a fine-grained management framework for heterogeneous virtual environments.”

MetricStream offers IT security, risk, and compliance managers a simple, action-oriented way to monitor the virtualized environment alongside on-premise infrastructure. vPanorama's technology provides granular visibility into, and control over, security configuration assessments, continuous controls monitoring, risk management, and threat and vulnerability tracking. It also helps meet compliance requirements around industry standards, cross-border data transfer, service level agreements, segregation of duties, and general computer controls. The technology minimizes inefficiencies, and enhances the reliability and performance of the cloud infrastructure.

As part of the acquisition, the TBD Networks team will join MetricStream to drive product innovation and R&D around how enterprises should respond to emerging risks from virtualized infrastructure, mobiles devices, reliance on managed service providers, cloud applications, digital and social media, and the resulting Big Data.