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Palantir, Panoche, and Anbang

Bill Coffin | February 23, 2018

And in the darkness, bind them | Palantir Technologies Inc, the super-secretive data analytics and security firm—named after the crystal ball the evil sorcerer Sauron uses to spy on his enemies in The Lord of the Rings—will have to open its financial books to one of its early investors as a result of a lawsuit. Investor Marc Abramowitz has sued the company, alleging that Palantir prohibited him from selling his stock, now worth some $60 million. The Delaware Court of Chancery agrees with Abramaowitz, and now Palantir must divulge its financial details. Guess the All-Seeing Eye didn’t see this one coming.

A Waldorf too far | China’s insurance regulator has taken control of... To get the full story, subscribe now.