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Calling All Deep Thinkers in Compliance!

Matt Kelly | June 22, 2011

Well, we wrapped up our Compliance Week 2011 conference only last month, and the good times and lessons learned are still fresh in people's heads. Time marches on, however—and we're already seeking executives to serve on the advisory board for our Compliance Week 2012 event next year.  Interested?

At the risk of tooting our own horn too much, the Compliance Week annual conference is known for its comprehensive agenda, one that delivers high-quality discussion on a wide range of topics relevant to compliance professionals. That is all thanks to our advisory boards, who always provide valuable counsel and help ensure that our heads are screwed on straight here as we build our plans. We absolutely could not put on this conference without them.

The actual work involved is not too demanding. Yes, we will have meetings (all by tele-conference, and usually not more than three), and yes, I do give board members homework: outlines of the agenda I suspect conference attendees would like, which the advisory board members then review and revise. And if an advisory board member steps up with an especially intelligent idea—which happens often—don't be surprised if I then turn around and ask you to speak at our 2012 conference on the very idea you proposed. The advisory board is an excellent way to play a greater role in our annual conference, which I always view as a collaborative effort between us here at the magazine and our subscribers anyway.

That said, I do have a few caveats. First, the advisory board is open to in-house corporate executives only—nobody from vendors or advisory firms, unfortunately. Also, you must be a current Compliance Week subscriber. (If you don't know whether your company subscribes, drop me an email and we'll be happy to answer that question.) Beyond those two restrictions, however, we're eager to hear from anyone who might be interested.

Ultimately we'd like this advisory board to consist of 10-12 executives, hailing from the whole realm of corporate governance that we cover here: financial reporting, compliance, internal auditing, risk management, legal, ethics, and privacy. We also want to encompass a wide range of industries, and I personally would love to have one or two board members who work at overseas companies. (That's a big hint to our small but voluble audience in Brazil!) In short, we want the advisory board to be a melting pot of all the voices and perspectives out there that must grapple with compliance, so we can sift out the common concerns you all have, and build an agenda for our 2012 event around that.

I've already heard from a few interested parties, but we need more. Think you'd be up for the challenge? If so, let me know.