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Compliance Week 2012: More News, More Speaking Opportunities!

Matt Kelly | January 27, 2012

Compliance Week is already well underway in planning the agenda for our 2012 annual conference, but as always, our event will cover a huge range of topics—which means we have several slots in our program where we're still looking for in-house compliance, risk, or audit executives who might be willing to speak at our event.

For those unfamiliar with the Compliance Week conference, we have two types of sessions at our event. First are the panel discussions: open to all attendees, held in large-room settings, with a moderator guiding three or four corporate executives as they ponder the issue of the moment.  Some of the topics where we still need a speaker or two include:

  • Keeping Ethics Training Fresh
  • Disclosure: What's Mandatory, and What's Common Sense
  • Starting a Compliance Program From Scratch
  • Metrics to Track & Report for Effective Compliance
  • Integrating Cloud Computing Into Your Data Security Regime
  • Building Anti-Corruption Programs, Start to Finish
  • Using Technology to Simplify the CCO's Job
  • Running an Internal Investigations Function
  • Stressed! How to Keep Sane in the Modern CCO Era

All panel discussions also have a companion “Conversation” session, which is the other type of session our conference offers—an intimate setting where we let no more than 20 attendees gather in a small room (participants must sign up in advance), to continue talking about the issue in private. Our conversation sessions are media-free and off-the-record (even I don't attend them), but we do need “conversation leaders” to get the discussion started.

As I mentioned, all panel discussions have a companion conversation session. But we also have a few conversation-only topics, and we'll need leaders for them too:

  • Compliance Challenges in India
  • Compliance Challenges in Brazil
  • Industry affinity group: Financial services
  • Industry affinity group: Retail

If any of those topics resonate with you, by all means let us know—email me at—and we can tell you more about the sessions' specific details. The time commitment is one hour for either a panel discussion or a conversation session, and in exchange Compliance Week waives the registration fee so speakers can attend the entire event at no charge. (You do still need to cover your travel and lodging costs.) This is an excellent opportunity to speak on those compliance issues that concern you most, and for peer-to-peer exchange with other professionals very much engaged in the field.

One caveat: Speaking opportunities are reserved for full-time, in-house corporate executives only—no vendors or service providers. I know those of you in the latter camp are equally qualified to talk shop, but our goal with the Compliance Week conference is to bring together compliance executives who are fighting on the front lines, and let them share their experiences.

We also have a few changes in the program this year worth calling out sooner rather than later. First, we're introducing three industry-specific Conversation sessions: finance, healthcare, and retail. Each of those sectors faces some tough compliance and risk management obligations relatively distinct from other sectors, and these sessions will be a great opportunity to get into the details with like-minded peers.

Along similar lines, we're also planning a “global track” of Conversation sessions for specific regions of the world: Brazil, China, Europe, India, and the Middle East. We will schedule them in sequence, so you can do a round-the-world tour if you like, and this will be the place where you can vent about bribery schemes in India, labyrinthine legal structures in Brazil, data privacy in Europe, or whatever else you're encountering on the ground worldwide.

And a final note for everyone too shy to speak, but still wanting to attend: Don't forget that our early-bird discount of $200 ends on Jan. 31—sign up now! We have a great roster of speakers already and I look forward to seeing you there.