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The future of compliance is in cognitive computing

Gene Ludwig | August 14, 2017

The idiom about death and taxes overlooks another constant – change.

And few industries have seen more change in the last 30 years than finance. Whether it’s the explosive growth in the size of our institutions, the proliferation of competitors, the innovation of products and services, or the uptick in regulation, finance has been transformed by change.

It has toppled venerable companies, blind-sided brilliant executives, and doomed profitable products. Underlying all this change is complexity.

Finance today is immeasurably more complex than it was just 15 years ago and positively unrecognizable compared to 50 years ago.

Everything from how we save, invest, transfer funds, and manage liquidity to how we deliver these products has grown increasingly complex.

And that complexity is not going away. Policymakers recognize this and have kept pace with increasingly intricate regulations and guidelines.

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