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Of Barclays and DPAs

Tom Fox | July 11, 2017

To say Barclays bank is having a bad year would be a mild understatement. From the CEO violating both internal company policy to U.S. securities law in trying to unmask an internal whistleblower to the now indictment of four former top officials for violating U.K. banking law in their pursuit of monies to bail the bank out during the 2008 financial crisis, it is one the bank would surely desire to put behind it. Now, however, the bank itself has been indicted for the same bailout involving the Qatari government. The basic allegation is that Barclay’s loaned the Qatari’s money to invest back into the bank to stave off a U.K. government takeover with the liquidity crisis of the time, while claiming the payments made to the Qatari government at or near the time of the Qatari investments were for legitimate services.

The bank finds itself in a most precarious position after the indictment, separate and apart from the individual indictments against its former CEO and three other... To get the full story, subscribe now.