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Preparing for compliance

Tom Fox | August 28, 2017

As you might suspect in a post from the Houston based-Man From FCPA this week, there will be a theme around Hurricane Harvey. For the compliance professional, one of the lessons is beyond simply being prepared but also to practice your preparations. While it may seem difficult to prepare for and practice these steps for a 1,000-year flood, there some basics you can do like having emergency equipment and preparedness items ready, check they are working, line out your evacuation routes, and other basic plans.

This same requirement for practice holds true for the compliance professional. You must do more than prepare for a compliance emergency by preparing beforehand, but you must also practice that preparedness. Secretary of Defense James Mattis made this clear in his Memo entitled “Ethical Standards for All Hands” which was released earlier in August. One of the key lines was “To ensure each of us is ready to do what is right, without hesitation, when ethical... To get the full story, subscribe now.