Today’s regulatory landscape spans a wide range of compliance issues. For most companies, managing contracts and contractual relationships with disparate systems and processes is a “big data” challenge and, in this regard, it is necessary to develop effective strategies to manage risk across the entire contract portfolio and satisfy compliance requirements. Organizations strive to draft policies that govern how they manage their contracts and contractual relationships, and address issues such as privacy, anti-corruption, FCPA enforcement, cyber security and social media. Without the proper people, processes and technology to develop and keep contracts current, companies may fail to satisfy regulatory demands. This Webinar will highlight effective strategies and considerations to maintain compliance with contractual agreements in the U.S. and abroad.

Additionally, multinational corporations must incorporate and adapt to local laws, cultures and geopolitical considerations. For example, GDPR requires companies conducting business in the EU to adhere to onerous guidelines or face stiff penalties, and possibly suffer brand and reputational damage. Organizations cannot afford to take a passive approach to GDPR.

While relying on both outside counsel and third-party legal services providers to meet standards and governing party obligations, competitive organizations enlist effective digital strategies where appropriate and seek to automate as many tasks as possible. As we explore the people, processes and technology that aid compliance and contract management, we’ll discuss e-Communications monitoring, digital learning services, open source software and trending technology such as block chain contracts, and other tools.


Sanjay Manocha, VP Compliance - Conduent

Joe Suich, CCO & Counsel - GE

John Podesta, Esq., Privacy Officer & Associate General Counsel - Avis Budget Group