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European Compliance

Compliance issues in the Eurozone are more pressing than ever, amid major changes such as data privacy, Brexit, global commerce, and the need to harmonize various international regulatory regimes. Compliance Week sees compliance not as an issue of any one nation or region, which is why we spotlight the regulatory, governance, compliance and ethics issues in Europe as part of our effort to bring you the most important information and insight from around the world.

News Article

Bank of England deputy governor resigns over conflicts of interest

Neil Hodge | March 21, 2017

Charlotte Hogg had all of two weeks to enjoy her new position as deputy governor at the BoE before she had to resign for failing to disclose that her brother also worked there.


IKEA: Compliance and enforcement are two sides of the same coin

Paul Hodgson | March 20, 2017

IKEA and other large retailers in Europe have been accused of ignoring EU commercial transportation rules, suggesting a widespread flouting of the rules and the support of numerous unsustainable business practices.

Global Glimpses Blog

Institute of Directors offers its ideas on navigating Brexit

Paul Hodgson | March 15, 2017

Handling the heavy lifting of a proper Brexit is going to be no small task, especially since nobody wants a great “vacuum period” between the U.K. Great Repeal Bill and whatever regulations are to follow.

Global Glimpses Blog

Cheques and balances

Neil Hodge | March 14, 2017

Sir Philip Green made a deal to pay two-thirds of his former company’s pension deficit last month to keep his reputation intact. But there’s not a lot to be thankful for.

News Article

Reporting on climate risks on the bottom line

Neil Hodge | March 14, 2017

The Financial Stability Board is pressuring companies to disclose in some way what their potential risk business impact from climate change risk might be, as this has become a growing concern for investors.


Understanding the compliance challenges of GDPR

Sponsored by HPE | March 13, 2017

Produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, this eBook explores what compliance challenges the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation brings, and how to overcome the hurdles.

Global Glimpses Blog

The Vinci code: fake news press releases

Paul Hodgson | March 7, 2017

A fake press release sent French construction firm Vinci into a downward spiral, provoking action from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers to get busy on reforms to prevent such damaging incidents.


Yet another brouhaha over pay in the U.K. is brewing this year

Paul Hodgson | March 7, 2017

Bringing CEO pay in line with lower-rank workers isn’t a bad idea, but implementing it poorly can make it one.

News Article

U.K. Post Office faces group litigation order over IT flaw

Neil Hodge | March 7, 2017

How could a computer error result in postal workers going into debt and going to jail for financial shortfalls that never actually occurred? Sub-postmasters are joining a group legal action against the U.K. post office for fraud accusations.

News Article

Sapin II aims to challenge France’s culture of corruption

Rodrigo Amaral | February 28, 2017

France’s anti-corruption law reflects its growing interest in embracing whistleblowing and getting clear of U.S. FCPA enforcement actions. Rodrigo Amaral reports.