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European Compliance

Compliance issues in the Eurozone are more pressing than ever, amid major changes such as data privacy, Brexit, global commerce, and the need to harmonize various international regulatory regimes. Compliance Week sees compliance not as an issue of any one nation or region, which is why we spotlight the regulatory, governance, compliance and ethics issues in Europe as part of our effort to bring you the most important information and insight from around the world.

Global Glimpses Blog

Will the EU improve its monitoring of money-laundering threats?

Jaclyn Jaeger | December 27, 2018

EU ambassadors on 19 December 2018 agreed to give the European Banking Authority (EBA) more power over anti-money-laundering supervision for financial institutions, but some doubt the effectiveness of these measures.

Global Glimpses Blog

U.K. government further tightens AML net

Paul Hodgson | December 21, 2018

A reform package introduced recently by the U.K. government aims to increase transparency and tackle corruption in limited partnerships.


As deadline nears and ‘Brexhaustion’ sets in, still no deal in sight

Neil Hodge | December 21, 2018

With less than 100 days until Brexit and the sides taking a break until mid-January, it’s looking inevitable that anxious businesses will not have long-sought certainty on the issue until the clock ticks close to zero.

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U.K. government unveils reform plan for modern work practices

Paul Hodgson | December 19, 2018

In response to a July 2017 review of modern working practices, the U.K. government has issued a long-awaited package of legislation, regulation, and reforms. The “Good Work Plan” sets out seven principles to address challenges facing the U.K. labour market.

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U.K. Financial Reporting Council receives scathing review

Neil Hodge | December 19, 2018

An independent review of U.K. corporate governance regulator and audit watchdog the Financial Reporting Council calls the agency a “hangover from a bygone era.”

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CMA looks at tackling Big Four’s stranglehold of U.K. audit market

Neil Hodge | December 18, 2018

The audit market is facing serious scrutiny from the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority, which hopes to carve out external audit from consulting, impose a “joint audit” regime, and increase audit committee chair accountability.

Global Glimpses Blog

FRC issues corporate governance principles for private companies

Paul Hodgson | December 12, 2018

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) issued its long-awaited corporate governance standards for private companies, providing a framework to help the companies meet legal requirements and improve and disclose their governance.

Global Glimpses Blog

Amid likely defeat, May delays Brexit vote by MPs

Joe Mont | December 10, 2018

Amid faltering odds that became apparent during three days of debate, British Prime Minister Theresa May has, at least temporarily, withdrawn her much-maligned Brexit plan from Parliamentary voting consideration.

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MPs release ‘secret’ Facebook e-mails

Neil Hodge | December 10, 2018

The U.K.’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee has released 250 pages of e-mails that show Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives at Facebook gave certain app developers special access to user data.

Global Glimpses Blog

Anti-corruption efforts in sports gaining global steam

Jaclyn Jaeger | December 7, 2018

More than 100 ministers, international sports organizations, and experts from around the world met in London on Dec. 6 to reaffirm their global commitment toward tackling corruption in sport.