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Brad Pitt: The New Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer

Carole Switzer | May 30, 2012

Anti-corruption compliance efforts are rarely, if ever, as easy as a-b-c. However, these endeavors would be much easier and more effective if more companies understood—and de­ployed—their ABCs.

“ABC” refers to anti-bribery and cor­ruption analytics, which are statistical techniques that comb through massive amounts of data and sniff out unusual patterns, questionable transactions, and compliance risks buried deeply within or­ganizational information systems. These analytics mine vast amounts of data via clustering, variance-detection, linguistic searches, and other techniques. When po­tential problems are detected, analytical tools issue automatic alerts calling for fur­ther investigation.

If that sounds complicated, it should. After all, companies of all sizes now rely on a complex tangle of information sys­tems, located on internal servers as well as in the cloud. These systems process ever-increasing amounts of data measured in gigabytes, terabytes, and petabytes...

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