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Brexit relies on Great Repeal Bill to work, but outcome is still uncertain

Neil Hodge | July 25, 2017

On 13 July the U.K. Government published its legislative plan for the country to leave the European Union while still accepting all its current rules and regulations (at least initially).

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill—known more widely as the “Great Repeal Bill”—will formally enact Brexit and bring EU law into domestic U.K. law to create legal continuity and certainty from the day after the country leaves the European Union.

The Bill will create temporary powers—known as “Henry VIII clauses” because they enable the Government to make secondary legislation with or without further Parliamentary scrutiny—to tweak laws, transfer powers to existing domestic bodies, and create new institutions and regulators where rules are currently enforced by EU institutions that will no longer have jurisdiction after Brexit.

Ministers will be able to use these powers for up to two years after exit... To get the full story, subscribe now.